Light Color Salt Lamp

Lily Neff

$30.00 $45.00

Salt lamps work when they are heated with a light bulb to generate millions of ions!  The light color lamp is the most common being sold with dimmers, yet very pretty!  When you use a dimmer that defeats the purpose since salt lamps must be warm to work (we do not use dimmers) These are very bright at night however, perfect for a room that needs extra light!  Best used in offices and near computers, they balance EMF's so that frequency doesn't drain your energy.  When placed on your desk in your work place you feel more productive and less fatigued at the end of the day, keeps you feeling Happy (these lamps are to bright for a bedroom, so if your looking to improve better sleep, the Dark red salt lamp is perfect! 

Children love the Sunset Glow medium color lamp. 

3 sizes available, cord, light bulb and brochures included with purchase

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