Red Bedroom Salt Lamp

Lily Neff

$69.00 $99.00

  • You found the Salt Lady!  The only company that offers choice of 100% Natural Himalayan salt colors for your specific placements in your home.
  •  Light color  for an office or where bright light is needed. 
  • Sunset Glow medium color which is a soft glow for evening use frequently used for family rooms, children's bedrooms, babies nursery, meditation rooms, pet rooms and kitchens. (maybe a tad to bright for adults bedroom) 
  • For you light sleepers you'll LOVE our Extra Dark Red Salt Lamps so not to disturb your sleep due to brightness. (they must be left on 24/7 for optimum benefits)
  • Salt lamps make Great gifts for all Occasions 

 3 sizes. All salt lamps include a 6 ft cord, light bulb and brochure

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