Premium Dark Bedroom Salt Lamp

Salt Crystal Lamps & More

$49.00 $79.00

  •  All of our salt lamps are hand crafted by us drilling, cutting, polishing for the best salt lamps available. Our company specialty our bedroom salt lamps.  Healthy and Beautiful!  These are Genuine natural Himalayan salt lamps for bedrooms for least amount of light, No dimmers!  No light disturbing you while you sleep. Leave salt lamps on 24/7 for best results...deeper sleep, no dust, clear sinuses, no snoring and clean air!  You can turn your lamp clockwise or counter to the darkest side for no glowing light for you light sleepers that prefer sleeping in the dark.  Enjoy the soft beautiful red streak of  light, the heart beat and energy of the salt lamp.
  • There is a reaction with the salt and heat that create millions of negative healthy ions as if you were next to the Ocean, removing air borne impurities without the noise or filters to clean!  Your lamp will not get dirty or dusty as long as they are left on!
  • They are known to balance the environment from EMF's which are produced by electronics and why headaches and anxiety are lessened.  
  • We do not use dimmers, our bedroom salt lamps emit very little light so the brightness doesn't disturb you while sleeping. Remember they must be left on for best results and abundant benefits.
  • Mined from the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan from premium mines.  Only highest standard in Fair Trade Himalayan salt.
  • All salt lamps include a 6 ft cord and appropriate light bulb according to the size lamp you choose.
  • Height Small 6-8 inches  Medium 8-11 inches
  • ENJOY your Salt Lamp Now!
  • 2 sizes available, cord, light bulb and brochures included with purchase. Shapes and color vary, no two are alike, equally Beautiful!
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