Extra Dark Bedroom Salt Lamps Limited Supply

Salt Crystal Lamps & More

$69.00 $79.00

You wont be disappointed with these Extra dark bedroom salt lamps and they are Limited!  When they're gone, they're gone!  Use drop menu for 2 sizes to choose from. Extra dark salt lamps are for those who like to sleep with no light.  They may have a steak of light, the heart beat of the salt lamp.  You can turn them and you won't see any light! 

What makes them dark?  A higher concentration of sulfur, iron, copper and magnesium minerals found only in rich salt mines deep within the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan.

These Gorgeous Terra Cotta color salt lamps are beneficial for better sleep, less tossing and turning, little to no snoring! while keeping your air clean.

Small are 5 to 6lbs  large size are 7 to 9.5 lbs 7 to 10 inches tall