Salt Cave Therapy

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Respiratory package replicates salt cave therapy in the comfort of your home saving you time & money!  A premium,complete 4 item package.  May help relieve symptoms of many respiratory conditions. Essential to human life. Vital to ensure that one is obtaining enough good quality salt in one’s diet on a daily basis. Are you? Your body will be happy! Healthy Investment.

Included: 1 Rare dark red Himalayan salt lamp for your bedroom, it will not disturb you with a bright light while sleeping (they must be left on for best results)

1 Portable Himalayan Salt Inhaler for on the Go anytime, anywhere.  Helps loosen and expel mucus, reduces inflammation, less congestion.  An effective way to reduce sinus pain and relieve stuffy nose.

1 1 lb package of 100% natural Himalayan fine cooking salt with over 84 trace minerals

1 lb package Sole (solay) natural supplement, approximately 4 month supply with over 84 trace minerals and elements.  Energizes, balance PH, reduces joint inflammation, can help stabilize BP, great for digestion and metabolism. Your body can process Himalayan salt, it matches the human bodies chemistry.