Cord Cutting Selenite Dagger & Carry Bag

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Signs of unwanted energies that need to be Cut, Eliminated, Gone!

1. Feel anxious, tired, angry, obsessive thoughts of a person, place or thing, dramas keep replaying in your life or someone draining your energy, You need a cord cutting ritual.  It Works!  I personally have used this ritual for about 5 years with Happier days!  Cord cutting can be an everyday ritual to start your day.  

 Selenite is also known as “liquid light” It can quickly unblock stagnant, stuck energy to promote a healthy, smooth flow of energy throughout your body.  It dispels all negative energy from your system, bringing calming energies, mental clarity and deep peace.

 Crystal daggers can be used to release energetic ties that no longer serve us through a practice called “cord cutting.” When we exchange energy with another person, there is a potential for their energy to stick with us. Cutting the cord helps us to cleanse ourselves of the unnecessary energy we pick up, so our spiritual bodies remain protected.   


Apply the selenite knife in downward strokes with the intention to cleanse specific connections, health conditions and negative energies from a person’s body, animal or area of object.  It is not essential that the knife touches the area to be cleansed but is preferable.  For a thorough cleanse, run the knife over the entire body. A great morning ritual to start your day.

 It is excellent to use after being around negativity, when you need to cleanse yourself or others. The cleansing will energize and lighten the auric field and remove negative connections from people in your present or past that negatively affect your energy.  Cleanse your energy field as many times as needed though out the day until that nagging feeling is no longer.

 For me personally, as soon as I feel the anxiety, that nagging energy coming from my solar plexus, I imagine myself cutting ties from whatever, whoever has attached to me, it usually only takes just a minute to cut. The clear energy can last a few minutes or the rest of the day, just repeat until the negative energy has dissipated.  IT WORKS!  So, when the attachment resurfaces, Cut Again!  (If you don’t have your dagger with, imagine your hands are scissors and you are cutting the cords throughout your body.)

  We are constantly creating cords with many people and even objects. If you feel drawn to an unhealthy relationship, or want to break negative patterns/addictions, or if someone is draining your energy, you need a cord cutting ritual, to move on!

 You can also use your dagger to relieve pain by using brushing stokes throughout the body and injured area. Use on you Fur babies too, for anxiety and pain.

  ~ What can you expect once the cords are cut?

Your mind is quieter, calmer, like cleaning out a closet. You will have peace of mind, let go of unwanted baggage, and feel emotionally free. (Feel free to call us for questions you may have of how to)

Fits in your hand Perfectly. You'll receive a 6 inch beautiful selenite dagger with Royal Blue bag so you can always be ready and have it available.  It also comes with an instruction guide.