Flu Package

Salt Crystal Lamps & More


  • 100% Natural, USA made. "Himalayan Salt Inhaler Salt Puffer" cleanses the respiratory track reducing inflammation and loosening mucus.
  • Sole an Ocean of Energy matching the human body with over 84 trace minerals and elements.
  • Reduces inflammation, helps immune system, increased energy and hydration. 
  • Natural electrolytes to keep our bodies balanced. 
  • Energy, Inflammation, Digestion, Sinuses, Headaches, Leg Cramps, Acid Reflux...Make the Switch, I'm glad I did, You won't be disappointed!  
  • Package includes: 1 Salt Inhaler filled with Himalayan salt lasting 6 to 12 months before refilling. 
  • 1 lb Sole chunks ( approximately 3 month supply) Instructions included