Himalayan Gourmet & Therapeutic

Lily Neff


Essential to human life. Vital to ensure that one is obtaining enough good quality salt in one’s diet on a daily basis. Are you?  Your body will be happy! 100% Premium tasty and full flavored Himalayan cooking salt for your grinder, for those that enjoy a coarser texture, especially on your meats. 

Also used for Acid Reflux, Headaches & Leg Cramps.  Over 84 trace mineral & elements, natural electrolyte replacement for those working in hot climates, Hikers, Joggers, Sports etc. Better than sports drinks.  Dr. Oz explains it works due to the trace mineral content of Himalayan Salt which matches our body chemistry. Dissolve one crystal at a time, you may need 4 to 5 pieces if your symptoms have not subsided and sip water in between, it helps to reduce the symptoms. Many patients report they no longer require Acid Reflux medications. Most COPD patients find it helps with breathing too!  Comes with mini baggie to carry in pocket or purse.

Content 1.5 lb bags