New! Himalayan Sample Packs

Salt Crystal Lamps & More


Sample Gift Pack.  Our new Himalayan sample packs are great if you are new to Himalayan salt and would like to sample great taste, natural electrolytes with over 84 trace minerals and elements matching the human bodies chemistry.

  • Package 1 you receive approximately 2 plus week supply to make Sole!
  • Package 2 are small crystals to dissolve in your mouth for headaches, leg cramps & acid reflux or you can use in your salt grinder for cooking.
  • Package 3 is fine salt that can be used as a salt scrub for body, face or brushing your teeth.  Also used in a salt shaker for cooking!  Feel free to browse our site to learn more about these products. 
  • Make the Switch with Himalayan salt, your body will be Thankful!