Dark Large Bedroom Salt Lamp

Salt Crystal Lamps & More


  • You found the Salt Lady.  The only company that offers the choice of salt lamp colors for appropriate placing in your home. 100% natural red Himalayan salt lamps for your bedroom, all mined from the Foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan.  They are also hand crafted by us, we cut, polish every salt lamp to bring out their beauty and energy. 
  •  Light color  for an office or wherever bright light is needed. 
  •  Medium sunset glow color, the softest glow and frequently used for family rooms, children's bedrooms, babies nursery, meditation rooms, pet rooms and kitchens. (maybe a tad to bright for adults bedroom) 
  • For you light sleepers you'll Love our Extra Dark Salt Lamps very little light not disturbing your sleep due to brightness, with just streaks of red we call the heart beat. (they must be left on 24/7 for optimum benefits)
  • Salt lamps make Great Gifts for all Occasions 
  • Height Small 6-8 inches  Medium 7-9 inches

 3 sizes. All salt lamps include a 6 ft cord, light bulb and brochure

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