Wholesale Salt Puffer Salt Inhaler

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$264.00 $288.00

Portable Salt Puffer Salt Inhaler-Wholesale

 With the success of the Portable Salt Puffer® salt inhaler made in the USA!  We now offer Wholesale pricing for businesses. Minimum order 24 units and your order comes with 24 inhalers filled with dry Himalayan genuine salt crystals.

Aides symptoms of Asthma, Allergies, Flu's, Bronchitis, COPD and most respiratory conditions

 The portable Salt Puffer is ready for use and comes filled with Himalayan course light colored salt crystals, for dry salt therapy lasting up to 2 yrs before refill is needed. The salt inhalers are individually boxed with all of it's content.  You will  receive a counter top display box that holds 6 Puffers.

 larger orders of 99 units or more you receive an extra price break. Please call