Bedroom Salt Lamps

Bedroom Salt Lamps


 Red Bedroom Himalayan Salt Lamps

 We carry a wide variety of red bedroom salt lamps that come in all shapes and sizes. Our rare bedroom salt lamps get their dark red and dark amber colors from a higher concentration of sulfur, iron, and magnesium minerals found only in rich salt mines deep within the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan. Red bedroom salt lamps are perfect for any bedroom. These therapeutic lamps emit a soft glow that is very soothing and relaxing. The calming effect helps to create a tranquil and peaceful ambiance so you can sleep better at night and wake up feeling refreshed the next day.

The Real Deal 

The Salt Lady in Mesa, Arizona is the real deal, over 14 years in the salt business. All salt lamps get imported from high-quality salt mines deep in the Himalayan mountains. Once the Himalayan salt lamps reach her store, they get cleaned, shaped, polished, and assembled. Assembling the salt lamps involves drilling a hole into the bottom center to make room for the salt lamp bulb. The next and final step is attaching the wooden base and cord. You can rest assured that all salt lamps from The Salt Lady are 100% real and genuine. No fakes or imitations here.  100% quality, Always!

Nice Look With All The Bedroom Benefits

All red bedroom salt lamps purchased from The Salt Lady come with the added health benefits that everyone can enjoy. To get the most out of your dark red bedroom salt lamp, you should place the salt lamp in your bedroom on your nightstand and leave it on 24/7. This allows the salt lamp to heat up and release negative ions into the air. Once the negative ions get released, they attach themselves to all the dust particles that are floating around, making them heavy, as they fall onto the ground. Our red bedroom salt lamps are great for people suffering from respiratory conditions, such as asthma and allergies, less congestion, deeper sleep and no snoring. Salt lamps are formed from 100% pure Himalayan salt, which contains over 90 trace minerals and elements that are naturally found in the human body.


Salt Lamp Bulbs

 The bulbs inside your bedroom salt lamp can last from 6 months to a year. The longevity of each bulb will vary, depending on the frequency of use and size of its filament. When replacing salt lamp bulbs, it is best to use the Torpedo Candelabra Bulbs. They seem to last the longest. To get your replacement salt lamp bulbs, please visit


See chart below for correct bulb size

 Bedroom Salt Lamps 4-10 lbs

15-watt bulbs

 Bedroom Salt Lamps 11-20 lbs

25-watt bulbs