Himalayan Salt Lamp Light Bulb Replacement Guide

Himalayan Salt Lamp Light Bulb Replacement Guide

How to choose the correct light bulb size for your Himalayan salt lamp

It is important that your salt lamp remains warm to the touch for it to work effectively. The heat from the light bulb combined with the salt creates the reaction which produces healthy negative ions. For this reason, we do suggest leaving your salt lamp on 24/7 or as much as possible! Your salt lamp is a natural dehumidifier therefore it may drip if you are using a light bulb that is the incorrect size.

Your Himalayan salt lamp requires an incandescent light bulb with a candelabra base (C7).

Salt lamps 4-10 lbs require a 15 watt light bulb

Salt lamps 11-20 lbs require a 25 watt light bulb

Salt lamps 21-200 lbs require 40-60 watt light bulbs

Where to purchase light bulbs

If you purchase a salt lamp from The Salt Lady, we will send the appropriate size along with your order. The bulbs that we use are “petite” clear torpedo shape bulbs with a candelabra base. You most likely will not be able to find these EXACT bulbs, but there are other options available which can be found at most hardware stores.

If you prefer using our light bulbs, you can purchase a 4 pack here.

If you would like extra bulbs ($2 each) shipped with an order, we are happy to consolidate so that you don’t have to pay separate shipping for your bulbs if you give us a call first.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.