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“I’m so glad that my mom, Melody, and I came into your store while I was there.   I’ve been very happy with my 3 salt lamps that I bought a few weeks ago.  My husband enjoys them as well and wants more.  So, I’ve ordered just one today with a salt inhaler on-line.  I probably will buy more lamps in the future.  They are so beautiful, especially when the lights are out for the night. They really do make nice nightlights.  I do want to share with you the benefit we’ve been getting lately.  We are remodeling our kitchen and had a wall removed.  Lots of drywall dust was created.  However, with 2 salt lamps in our living room, it cleared up the air really fast.  Also, the one we have in our bedroom is helping us breathe better at night. Thank you for having this wonderful product to sell.  May you have success in your business as well as reaching people that need this product in their lives.” -Taffy Haney  ​

“Lily and Ed are amazing people and are very knowledgeable about their salts. I Love going into their shop and soak up the salt lamp love and ambiance while I restock my supplies.  A great place for Christmas gifts!!!” -Jaime F.

“I met you and your husband at the Sacramento Harvest Festival, bought lamps, puffer, and Sole for my son with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Got him to try it – great results, he has turned from a skeptic to a true believer.  Took away all the pain-so far so good!” -Gail

“I’m so lucky I found The Salt Lady!  Since I purchased salt lamps for my office, bedroom and living room, my migraines are less frequent, and not as severe.  I’m looking forward to trying the Sole Brine Trace Mineral Therapy, in hopes of experiencing even more relief.  Shipments are always delivered timely, and The Salt Lady is very helpful, if you have any questions about the products.  I highly recommend The Salt Lady!” -Wendy B.

“Hi Salt Lady,

I have truly enjoyed my recent purchases from you.

The Salt Puffer has done wonders for my asthma and allergies. I have not used the prescribed puffer since I received the Salt Puffer.  Hooray!

The lamp has greatly enhanced the air in the area where I placed it.  Clean breathing!  I want more lamps! Thanks loads.  God bless you.” -Celia M.

“Well I purchased 4 more lamps this month, I have one in every room. Customer Service is excellent, received my lamps two days after I placed the order. I will be back, my family & friends will be receiving as gifts. Thank You.” -Marisha S.​

“My wife has been coughing for 5 weeks. She was unable to get a good night sleep and was taking different allergy, mucus,and nasal medications. My brother told us his daughter stopped coughing the first night they tried their salt lamp. So I picked up 5 the next day. My wife purposely did not take her over the counter medicine as a test. She got her first night sleep without a single cough. I slept just as well with minimal allergy problems until I left the room where the salt lamp was, then my allergies got worse. I’m a believer!” -TT

“Hi Lily,  I have suffered for 29 years with Fibromyalgia and the last 5 years with Sciatica.  Since I started drinking the Sole and using the salt lamps I am a new person!  My pain is now manageable and I actually wake up refreshed which I haven’t done in years!  I now have a salt lamp in every room in my house and I don’t have to use air freshener any longer and I also have one sitting on my desk at work.  I personally bought 14 lamps and most of my family, extended family and many friends have gone to the shop and are hooked on the Sole and the Lamps!  My horses even have the salt hanging in their pens, they love them.  Everyone at work noticed that I don’t limp anymore and that my face glows!  It is amazing the chain of events that have started with the lamps and how friends and family are sharing with more friends and family and hearing all the miracles that have occurred.  I have seen other lamps at discount stores and they don’t even come close to Lily’s lamps, they are truly high quality and very beautiful.  Lily and Ed are wonderful, knowledgeable and truly caring.  Thanks Lily and Ed for changing my life!” -Eleana 

“Hello Lily,

Sorry for the slow email, but I wanted to let you know that we received the package on Thursday with the most BEAUTIFUL salt lamps I’ve ever seen! Mom and I just love them and how amazing they look lit up….WOW! Also, THANK YOU so very much for the lovely salt hearts….mom and I really treasure them….we were holding them last night and just enjoying their intricate beauty….they feel really nice too…so smooth. You are such a sweet person to think of putting that little something extra in the package…it really makes us feel special too. 

You truly do have the most beautiful salt lamps. I know if I was ever in your shop, I would have a very hard time deciding which one to get, because they are all so unique and lovely! I’m glad that you picked these out for us….they’re perfect!

Thank you again for all your thoughtfulness!  You are a treasure!  May God bless you and your family always!” – Claudia​

“Received RED salt lamp…I love it…beautiful colors…and my sinuses stay open at night…no more mouth breathing. ..(lamp in my bedroom)…thank you for your great selections..” -Laura Nev​

“Hi Lily, I had always had bronchial issues as far back as I can remember. I was diagnosed with chronic bronchial asthma.  It seems, once a year I would get a horrible bronchial cough. I’ve broken ribs, lost my voice and doctors would just give me an inhaler, codeine & antibiotics. These things never worked and the cough usually went on for months. Last year I got the same cough and had signed up for a 25 mile bike ride a few months before. A friend of mine heard my cough and suggested a salt puffer from Himalayas Salt Lamps & More. I went right after work and got the salt puffer. I was actually over the cough in under 24 hrs! And was able to do the 25 mile bike ride that weekend!” -Ryan

“My family and I were on vacation in Mesa from Seattle and were staying near the Himalayas Salt Lamps and More.  We saw the sign stating that salt  lamps could relieve Asthma and Allergies which my daughter and I both have.  I could not wait until the next day to go and check out what could possibly help us both breathe better!  I was diagnosed with asthma and has been using an inhaler for 29 years and my 10 year old for eight years.  Typically I use my Ventolin inhaler 2 puffs 4-6 times a day and my daughter uses hers about 2-3 times a day.

We went to the Himalayas Salt Lamps and More the next morning and met Lily the Salt Lady who was extremely informative and told us the benefits of the Salt Puffer which we purchased.  My daughter and I puffed on it throughout the entire day and that same day we went to a horse farm where there were dogs and neither one of us needed our Ventolin inhalers.  This was the first time we were around animals and did not need our inhalers since a lot of the time allergies can trigger our asthma symptoms.

I took one day off from using the Salt Puffer while on vacation to see if it was a fluke and could feel my shoulders and chest tighten and needed to use my inhaler. The Salt Puffer is AMAZING!  I will be purchasing another one for my daughter so we don’t have to share :)” -JW


Amazing! After a few minutes of sitting in the salt room, both my boyfriend and I could breathe. We've been using the inhaler, and I woke up with clear, unclogged sinuses for the first time in years. I'm so glad we found the salt lady!


A few weeks ago I purchased two Dark Premium Himalayan Salt Lamps my husband and I had difficulty sleeping thought the night. Now we're sleeping through the night. Then we both had gotten the flu. The congestion was terrible. So I ordered each of us the Himalayan Salt Puffers and received them today! So I gave it a try. The next thing I knew the congestion is breaking up. We are happy customers! -Sonja


Wonderful place, great prices and very calm atmosphere.  - Marlene