Himalayan Salt Inhaler Salt Puffer® & Extra Refill

Lily Neff


  • Relief On the Go!  Our Patent Himalayan Salt Inhaler Salt Puffer® is 100% natural, drug free and effective. It's like sitting next to the Ocean breathing fresh salt air.
  • The “Salt Puffer® is our company's salt inhaler made in a portable, refillable, breakage resistant version made in the USA!   Also BPA free.  It was not previously recommended to share with family members, but now you can with our removable mouthpiece that is super easy to clean with soap and water!  We now offer additional mouth pieces in the event you lose it.  The use of this inhaler replicates salt mine therapy, an alternative used in Europe to clear respiratory conditions.  Helps loosen and expel phlegm, reduces inflammation, congestion, an easy way to reduce sinus pain and relieve stuffy nose.
  • To use, breathe in normally through the mouth and exhale.  For best results, use for 15-20 minutes daily or in 5 minute increments throughout the day (morning, afternoon and before bedtime to stay clear)
  • The Puffer Is filled with 100% pure Himalayan salt crystals. One extra refill included to be used after approximately 6- 12 months.
  • (It's always best to talk with your doctor before you start adding a new regimen/supplement to your diet, users 18+yrs)