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Salt Lamps & Light Bulbs

     Choosing a salt lamp starts here.  The image shows an array of natural colors to choose the best Bedroom salt lamp for you!

    Now you can enjoy a rare, natural dark bedroom salt lamp, cuts out the light that salt lamps emit, no bright light with these!  They must be left on and warm 24/7 for best results.  Improves quality sleep, breath fresh clean air, may help with less snoring too!  No two salt lamps alike however, equally beautiful and beneficial!

    Choose a Premium Salt Lamp vs. an Expensive man made air-purifier with high maintenance.  These premium dark salt lamps will last you a lifetime and they're almost gone :( 

    1. Add a dark salt lamp in your bedroom, two lamps are ideal if your room is ex- large.
    2. Why? because they must be left on and warm, these dark salt lamps do not emit bright light, and will not disturb your sleep.
    3. What will I feel?  It's known deeper sleep, less anxiety or tossing and turning, reduces snoring, removes air born impurities/pollutants and neutralizes odors.  Keeps the environment balanced from electrical pollution (EMF)
    4. Recommended to be left on 24/7, the heat from the bulb creates a reaction with the salt releasing millions of healthy ions. No two salt lamps are alike however, equally beautiful and beneficial!
    5. Height Small 6-8 inches tall Covers a radius of 7 to 8 ft 
    6. Free Light bulb, cord and brochures included
    • Don't compromise get the best!  Quality you can count on for over 14 years with 'The Salt Lady'


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