Himalayan Salt Lamp Care Tips and Safety + Choosing The Right Size

Himalayan Salt Lamp Care Tips and Safety + Choosing The Right Size

Himalayan Salt Lamp Care Tips and Choosing The Correct Size of Your Salt Lamp

When first receiving your Himalayan salt lamp, simply screw the light bulb into the cord socket, then insert the bulb into the hole in the base of the lamp. Flip it over and place your salt lamp wherever you please. Place the cord in between one of the three notches on the wooden base so that it does not get crushed or damaged due to the weight of the salt lamp.

To turn on your salt lamp, turn it on its side and insert light bulb into the bottom hole.

Himalayan salt lamps are hygroscopic (attract moisture) and natural dehumidifiers. If you leave your salt lamp turned off for an extended period of time it may drip or sweat due to a humid environment. If your lamp is  still weeping when turned on, the chances are you need to go up to the next light bulb size. It should remain warm to the touch at all times when possible.  

If for some reason your lamp must be turned off for an extended period of time, we suggest covering it with a plastic bag to protect it from humidity to prevent dripping. You may also place it on some sort of plate or dish.

To clean your Himalayan salt lamp, simply turn it off and wipe with a damp cloth. Just wait for it to dry and switch it right back on.

Choosing the Size of Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

The amount of negative ions produced by your Himalayan salt lamp relates to its weight. The larger the area you need to ionize, the heavier your salt lamp should be. The more salt lamps you have throughout your home, the better results you’ll receive. It’s similar to adding house plants to your home for improved air quality.

For optimal results in large rooms, a couple of lamps should be strategically placed throughout. Plus, you can never have too many!

We also recommend starting in the bedroom and adding one to each room as your budget allows to balance your entire environment and feel the difference.

Small lamps cover 8x10 ft area

Medium lamps cover 11x15 ft area

Large lamps cover 16x 20 ft. area

Popular Areas to Place Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • Homes
  • Hotel rooms
  • Pet rooms
  • Smokers rooms
  • Offices
  • Salons
  • Yoga studios
  • Doctors waiting rooms
  • Child's rooms/ Nurseries

and anywhere else you feel need freshen the air

Himalayan Salt Lamps and Pets

Salt lamps are pet friendly, just remember everything in moderation if your pet enjoys licking your salt lamp. EXCESS amounts of salt for pets is not healthy. Many times pets are attracted to a salt lamps ambiance, and it is perfectly fine for them to lay beside them. Many people use salt lamps to combat pet dander and odors.

Replacing Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Light Bulb

You can purchase light bulbs for your salt lamp here, or at any hardware store. You can also purchase short C-7s that look like night lights in 15 watt and 25 watt sizes.

  • Small and medium salt lamps (4-10lbs) use any 15 watt candelabra base light bulb.
  • Large lamps (11-20lbs) use a 25 watt light bulb
  • XXL lamps (25-100lbs) use 40-60 watt light bulb

The Quality and Safety of Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Counts- Beware of Fakes On The Market

When purchasing a Himalayan salt lamp, please be sure you purchase from a reliable source due to fakes on the market and make sure the company uses quality electrical components to prevent fire and shock hazard. The saying is true- you get what you pay for. The Salt Lady provides 100% authentic Himalayan salt lamps imported from Pakistan and include high quality UL listed cords and long lasting incandescent light bulbs.

With over 14 years in the business, we have retained a 5-star rating and received hundreds of testimonials and referrals because of our quality and customer service. We don’t just import from the mine and send your salt lamp to you from the original box, like many retailers will do.

Each salt lamp is hand processed to make sure it is free from dirt and dust and has a sturdy, polished wooden base. People often ask why our salt lamps shine in comparison to others that look chalky or dusty that they have purchased.  We guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase or your money back.