Coarse Grinding Himalayan Salt 1lb

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Pink Coarse Himalayan salt crystals are perfect for your salt grinder to flavor your food and increase your mineral intake.  Most people are severely mineral deficient. Our Pink Himalayan Salt has over 84 trace minerals and elements that help restore levels so your body can function the way it was intended. 100% natural!  

Some of the many benefits of consuming minerals:

* Healthy source of electrolytes (without the dangers of the top commercial electrolyte drinks!)
* Antioxidants to prevent cell damage and improve recovery
* Healthy thyroid function
* Metabolism
* Proper wound healing
* Healthy muscle contraction (and relaxation of tight muscles)
* Normal heart rate
... and SO much more!

Keep a bag in your purse, pocket, or car to snack on a few crystals whenever you're feeling exhausted or low on energy!

This bag is approximately 1 pound. Grinder not included.