Individually Featured #28 - Heart On Wings of Love Bedroom Salt Lamp

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The first place we recommend you start with salt lamps for maximum and noticeable benefits is in the bedroom! This is a RARE, EXTRA Dark Bedroom Salt Lamp. On the front is a splash of light that is reminiscent of a heart on wings of love. All 3 other sides have small heartbeats of light showing through as well. Low light for very light sleepers and those wanting to sleep in near-complete darkness. 

Must be left on for best results and abundant benefits. The heat from the 15-watt light bulb releases healthy and beneficial ions. These ions are known to remove harmful EMFs and impurities like dust in the air, reduce airway congestion, enhance breathing, reduce snoring, and encourage deeper sleep!

Many children love our salt lamps as their night light, as they too need a good night's rest. We receive many testimonies of children being able to sleep much better with one of our salt lamps illuminated in their room at night, as salt lamps in general apparently chase night terrors away. 

This beauty is sure to keep you and your environment calm, relaxed, enjoying fresh clean air, and glowing softly as you unwind and/or sleep.   


  • This exact Himalayan Salt Lamp, as pictured
  • Height: Approx 8 inches
  • Weight: Approx 5.5 pounds
  • White 6-foot power cord and light bulb

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All of our salt lamps are mined from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan from premium mines and are the highest standard in Fair Trade Himalayan Salt. They are hand-crafted by us drilling, cutting, polishing… for the absolute best salt lamps available! Our proprietary process gives our salt lamps an extra energy charge for added benefits that our customers have come to know and love.  

Salt Lamps must be left on 24/7 for best results, unless out of town, then please turn off.  Left on, the salt and heat interact to create millions of healthy negative ions, the same benefits you feel when you’re breathing in the healthy, healing ocean air. These millions of negative ions help remove airborne impurities without the noise or filters to have to clean and replace! They are known to balance the environment from harmful EMFs which are produced by electronics, cell phones, smart meters, etc, and they help lessen/negate health irritations like headaches and anxiety. Your lamp will not get dirty or dusty as long as it is left on, and you receive deeper sleep, clear sinuses, less/no snoring, no dust, just clean air!   

You can turn your lamp clockwise or counter-clockwise to the darkest side of the lamp for no glowing light for you light sleepers who prefer sleeping in the dark. Enjoy the soft beautiful red streak of light, the heartbeat and energy of the salt lamp.

We do not use or recommend dimmer switches. Most companies offer dimmer switches because their lamps are so bright. So they sell theirs with dimmer switches to dim the brightness. However, when you dim the light, you also dim or completely negate the benefits. We specialize in darker colors and premium dark bedroom salt lamps because they emit very little light, so the brightness doesn't disturb you while sleeping AND you maintain the full benefits that salt lamps are known for. Remember they must be left on for best results and abundant benefits.