Limited Edition: Ember Collection - Bedroom-dark Salt Lanterns

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Bless your home and space with this stunning and rare collection. Bring the warmth and comfort of a peaceful campfire glow to radiate a soft and warm ambiance and bring a sense serenity and calm to any room. Hand-selected red, dark red, and extra dark salt pieces give this stunning collection the look and feel of calming campfire embers.

Hand-created with expertise and love, these make an excellent pairing for each nightstand on either side of the bed, either side of a fireplace, or anywhere you want to feel the warmth and nostalgia of those relaxing campfire memories.

We attempted to capture photos in different lighting but still doesn't show true darkness level nor stunning beauty.

This is the first time we've ever put a collection like this together so these truly are rare pieces to add to your collection.

  • 2 black metal lanterns filled with with premium red, dark, and extra dark Himalayan Salt Chunks
  • 2 Power cords and 2 light bulbs
  • Height: Approx 10.5 inches
  • Weight: Each weighs a little over 8 pounds, 16+ pounds total