Creating Salt Room Therapy- Limited Supply

Salt Crystal Lamps & More

$247.00 $315.00

Creating Salt Room therapy with 4 Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamps in the comfort of your home does not have to cost you Thousands of dollars.  Simply add several salt lamps in the area where you want to feel deep relaxation, serene and get rejuvenated surrounded by beauty. 

You will receive 4 medium color large salt lamps, they have a soft glow the recommended color for relaxation and meditation, compared to the bright light salt lamps.  The light color salt lamps are perfect for an office giving you clarity and concentration.  A couple in the bedroom is also ideal! after all, this is where we repair our bodies.  Don't forget to view our dark rare bedroom salt lamps. 

This package you will receive 4 Extra large medium color salt lamps weighing up to 13 lbs. each, Also includes a Salt Puffer Inhaler completing and replicating Speleotherapy (salt room therapy).