Himalayan Sole 1lb

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  • Himalayan Sole An Ocean Of Energy. Natural electrolytes keep our bodies balanced with over 84 trace minerals and elements essential to human life, vital to ensure that one is obtaining enough good quality salt in one’s diet on a daily basis. Are you? Your body will be happy!   1lb. bag is approximately 3 months supply.

Solé Directions:

  1. Add 3 chunks of Himalayan salt crystals in a pint glass jar with lid. (rinse crystals quickly towel dry)
  2. Fill the jar with purified water.
  3. After approx. 24 hours, you will have a brine solution of 26% salt with trace minerals. The concentration will remain the same as long as there are crystals in the jar.
  4. Refill the jar with water as needed. Before all the crystals dissolve completely add a few new salt crystals so you do not have to start the process over.  Do not stir sediments in bottom of jar.  These are the heavier minerals that have settled and may be cleaned out periodically.
  • Research has found for many: It dissolves and releases crystallized deposits in joints
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Balance PH
  • Improvement in many skin conditions
  • Energy & Hydration (with water)
  • BP Normalization 
  • Reduction in viral activity
  • Many get great relief from acid reflux, headaches, leg cramps and heart palpitations by simply dissolving a few course salt crystals in the mouth
  • Each Bag of Solay comes with a bag of course salt crystals to use daily as needed. Great for cravings too!
  • It's always best to talk with your doctor before you start adding a new regimen/supplement to your diet, users 18+yrs
  • Directions also Included